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Page Speed Optimisation


Page Speed Optimisation For Magento

Now Google has also attested the fact that page speed of any website would be an integral factor for better search rankings. It means your ecommerce store needs not only to be well developed and maintained but also well optimized for a faster loading across the devices. For both Google search rankings and a great user experience, the page speed optimization of your Magento store is what truly counts first.

While your store might be getting slowed down due to the product images, content and other functioning, it is essential to remove the redundant data without causing damage to the required data. At 99 Magento developers, our experts take all the necessary stances for reducing the loading speed of your Magento while keeping all the elements of it structured and efficiently working.

What we do for optimizing the page speed of your Magento store:

  • For improved Google search rankings and efficient performance of your store, Magento has made its Google Page Speed Module easily available. Because many would find it extremely difficult to implement this extension successfully into Magento ecommerce store, our Magento developers are expert in extension integration in Magento store.
  • Configure Magento Page Speed effectively by resource minifications and regular caching the cacheable parts of your store such as images, CSS, JavaScript, HTML web pages of your Magento store.
  • We integrate Magento’s Google Page Speed Extension in your store, so that great user experience is given to all of your users. With the successful integration of the page speed extension, your store is optimized with lower page loading time and limited bandwidth.
  • At times, even after moving your JavaScript and CSS files at the bottom, your page speed won’t increase. It can be caused due to the improper coding or transfer of files. Our experts manage it all by configuring the backend system of your Magento store with utmost care.
  • Reduce server response time if the loading time is detected to be more than 200 ms. For this, we optimize the slow database queries, routing, application logic, frameworks, and memory starvation to address and resolve the issue of lagging page speed of your Magento store.
  • Writing Asynchronous Scripts so that the pages of your commerce store can be rendered to the user more quickly across all the devices & platforms.

So, if you see your Magento store lagging due to some unknown reasons, you can reach us for diagnosis.We would detect the causes and resolve the issues that are hindering the faster loading speed of your store. You may write in to us at or directly talk to our Magento experts by filling the contact us form online.

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